songs from loobiecore 2​.​5 (expanded)

by Lou Barlow sentridoh

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available digitally for the first time, the latest in an ongoing series of home recordings by lou barlow ( sebadoh, dinosaur jr , folk implosion ) .. originally self-released on CD, this edition features 7 extra tracks of outtakes and demos from the 'goodnight unknown' LP..


released December 14, 2012

lou barlow singing and playing various 4 and 6 string guitars , synthesizers, piano etc.. additional singing on 9 and 11 by Adam Harding , synth on 20 by Adam and drums on 3 by Adam too..guitar on 27 by Imaad Wasif



all rights reserved


Lou Barlow sentridoh Greenfield, Massachusetts

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Track Name: author
author of the sun, do you know what life becomes
each time, four days clear , demons whisper in my ear
liquid promises leave me in my blurry bliss
author tell my soul, beauty will not be controlled
ringing in my eyes, leave me with my muse deprived
but i don't want to take her call a world away my fate to fall
in a tantrum now , no one likes to wait
on a deadline , from the forest floor rolling city wide
Track Name: blown pony
it isn't very hard to convince me of anything i don't wanna let you do
it isn't very tough to get rough with me anyway
still i'll never let you through
didn't you believe when i left they'd be lonely
well ride another pony alone
i don't wanna live with the the death of a memory
i did 'cause you let me stay home
Track Name: dog power
i don't expect you to ever understand
after all you're an angry little man
drawing lines to erase 'em everyday
doing nothing but complain you never get your way
another line at the bottom of the truth
that was signed, agreed to be the proof
that it's gone 'cause it had to be removed
every little thing that won't agree with you
waited long to get your fee so drink it down and pick a fight with me
never to work, ever the dog biting at the hand that feeds
pissing on the wall
are you surprised there is blood on our hands
from a war that no one understands
we were raised to behave to daddy's will
do whatever he says to kill
waited long to get your due
so drink it down and pick a fight or two
tired of it all, sick of the lies
take away his keys and let your girlfriend drive
Track Name: go poison!
i like things that hurt me
why do i do i
go poison go, i haven't got the will to grow
i didn't learn, i'd rather burn
go poison go
my one day anniversary, 8 am till 5
i find myself deserving
i fill my glass and raise it high
Track Name: hands on
see feel , how about a moan
how about a hands on lesson at home
does that appeal
fit you fine
i'm gonna need a little help if you're mine
about a 'fi' , it's high or low
it's low or high, about a 'fi'
Track Name: hard
i find it hard to keep me sober
convince myself i'm being true
maybe i would if you were over
but a thing for...
i find it hard to be with women
and that will come as no surprise
beautiful eyes and i avoid them
but a thing for...
Track Name: helpless
why are you so helpless
why can't you help yourself
what makes you take it out on everybody else
i believed we could work it out
i was naive
you don't give the patience you expect
you're always lying to protect
something deep inside your sex
you haven't come to terms with yet
so i'm waiting around to get burned by you again
i should have known you would never trust me
you never trust your friends
we've been together so long
to you that means there's something wrong
something wrong with me
that only you can see
there's something wrong with you
there's nothing i can do
cause i'm helpless to help you
Track Name: no reply
just before i had the prize
i had to compromise
i made a change or two
rearranged a page for you
there was a change occurred
i've heard there's no reply
change my mind
Track Name: terrorize
i tell myself to calm right down but i always disobey
i can't relax when you're around but i'm calm you're beside you
now i wanna feel it all
will i shock you
no escape when i decide , look what i've reduced us to
subtle way i terrorize with stale innuendo
just in case you're feeling trapped
you're free to come or go
words are charges in the air can i shock you
did you see me lying there , see what i've reduced us to
i think i tasted blood that time the bubble finally burst
the subtle way i terrorize , to force you in or be divided
leave a trail of dirty clothes invite myself to complicate it
the subtle way i terrorize , what's a man to do
Track Name: one for san fernando
enemies greet me in the sweat lodge
crystal bud scares me into daylight
on a dingy frontage road where men go to explode
baking bread mixing with the tire fire
killer glare, better in the springtime
but dead of summer's where we are
in a black room near the bar
on a dingy frontage road where men go to explode
one for san fernando
Track Name: no use talkin
no use talkin' so you say
i hear alot of talk about the things we shouldn't say
if it's cool with you i hope you freeze
Track Name: hope
no, i cannot be born again
but there's always a hope for beginning again
there's always a hope kicking back in my mind
i deserve what i get but not what i find
Track Name: road
you're younger than i am
you're closer to the light
your code that chose the fight
the road that rose and fall while i retreat
from magic i protest
refuse reveal the call
too late to take effect
the road that rose and fall
Track Name: paradise
didn't believe i could end it
up from the branches into the sky
more to give, live without it
left behind in paradise
how to deal with perfection
how to feel at all
every word heard perfected
nothing to say in paradise , at all
Track Name: legendary (early version)
i knew i wanted more than you could give to me
i know there'll come a day i understand
until then i'll be trying to solve a mystery
wonder why i couldn't make you stay
smiling through denial my specialty
i thought that was a good thing for awhile
you gave me all your secrets where you testing me
how could i do anything but smile
reenact a legendary tragedy
do to me what has been done to you
is that the only point to all this misery
is there any reason i should cry
oh, to heal takes time and you gave me all you had
i know in time i will believe that i loved you as you loved me
Track Name: finger
ten cigarettes and two bottles of wine
still on my feet must be a sign
that i don't need to again, i'm growing strong
i take what i need , the pain still lingers
you wanna know what i'm thinking
you don't wanna hear what i'll say
made a mistake but we'll be fine
no blood on my hands only stains on my fingers
learning my lesson that i don't test so well
making big changes surprised you all can't tell
i'm well aware of the way i'm falling down
i know it's too much, a touch
a finger
Track Name: hospital
never leave your girlfriend at the hospital
there'll be time to leave her later on
with theses bodies comes an understanding
need each other most when things go wrong
so sit down hold hands brave the silence
do what's asked of you
say you need some time for stoned reflection
wait until she heals before you leave
all have to do right now is be there
you've got all your life for somewhere else
Track Name: faith in your heartbeat (early version)
what are you looking at , how did they find you
passed out on the couch a bottle behind you
if you were, i could be
hypnotized beautifully
all i could wish for, all that could keep you away
drawn to the places vows have been broken
ran through the house curtain torn open
down a dark hallway new life awaits you
all is forgiven no one will hate you in time
no life is noble, take what you can and run hide
now i can see where your eyes been
breathe in the warm body air
now i can see you believe
not in your nature
to believe, i believe, couldn't care
i believe in the witness dizzy from a wet kiss
Track Name: all i ever say
all these things i say when we fight
have consequences , build wicked defenses
all these things i say when we talk
only filling spaces between lonely embraces
seems that all i ever say is i'm not trying to run away
but why deny it , i tried i don't like it
Track Name: thinking (early version)
i'm thinking of the things that i avoid
i'm asking questions of tomorrow
i'm thinking of the tears that all must fall
the tears of happiness and sorrow
if you want good love , you gotta force them to react
you gotta kick them till they crack, for me
the older i get i get older
can only hope that i grow stronger
can only be what it will be
some days are short others longer
Track Name: confused (early version)
i’ve been up taken down
underneath underground
like a memory a memory can’t recall

faces places gone forgotten now
what i’ve been through i’m going to
don’t we all

keep it natural simple
everything fun
not to force it or hate it
on and on

say take a day take a year
then it’s taking way too long
are we moving
forgotten how it feels

drifting through the night
nodding at the moon
no you waited and it all withdrew

do you mean to hold back
out of fear do you fear we’re not in love
not enough what they gave
lonely people misbehave
fall into it to do it
just to feel

crossing borders unfamiliar rooms
where you’ll spend the night

if there’s something you want
if you’re only feeling blue
then a change is overdue